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Poetry and Garden Goblin

so, yeah ,perhaps not a normal Garden bit of Décor, be assured, it is not a normal garden.

but the message is nice. Here is a bit of Poetry from Jim Long, and from the guy typing the Blog.


It’s been a day

And a night.

Did it truly go by so quickly?

It spent the night with me.

Memories, discussions, visions shared,

viewed from our own angle

Unique to each.

The past is at best

A meandering highway

Treacherous but enticing, blended so perfectly

so sweetly together.

the emotional fallout; the almost expected surprise.

until you are awakened in the middle of the night.

Wondering, conjuring,

Is visiting the past worth the price?

And yet, still I remain lured

Seduced by its glittering promise,

And enthralled in its soft power

Jim Long

Bright shining soul,

untarnished by knowledge.

Untutored by sin.

Lurking in a frangible vessel

so prone to self-destruction.

It waits, assured of a destiny,

if not a time.

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