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Song, Poetry, Prose and shopping lists

Yeah, I know, this photo is on another page, but it's Labor day weekend and I am taking the path of least resistance.

Prose for me flows like remembering a fishing trip, kinda fun, telling what happened, who fell in, who caught what: the weather, the sounds, the events as they occurred.

Poetry gives the reader the outline that they may each fill in their own experience, to personalize it to the degree required. My friend Jim, a true Poet, always says I am scarce with words, but in my mind I am the tour guide, it's the readers' trip.

Words have to carry a burden in poetry; carry a tone, an image.

Songs may or may not be poetic and they can achieve flight and perhaps live on their own as one entity.

In songs, I find the lifting of some of the weight from the words to be freeing, and let the melody direct the action. Both less and more work for the author.

Grocery lists? well, I just wrote one using many of the same words I do in song and poetry, go figure.

Check out new Song, If I Had a Panda on the website, it informs, cajoles, teases and takes off in its own direction.

Enjoy your Sunday, and your groceries

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Sep 08, 2020

well golly, Thanks for checking up on my activities in these odd times. Glad you enjoyed


Looved If I had a Panda. Also, Southbound Train!❤️

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