Vietnam Soldier Memoir

A Vietnam Soldier Memoir from an Unfiltered Voice

Young soldiers rarely put a filter on what they think or say while in the middle of the battle. Theodore Wild brings you his Wild Ramblings and a Vietnam soldier memoir that brings back the passion of youth while enduring the horrors of modern warfare. Readers will not find tidy chapters or a story that follows a paved path, but captured moments of delight, fear, sorrow, and surprise as you meet Wild and all of his compatriots on the front line.

Vietnam Vet Books that Shine a Light on Forgotten Tales

Lions and Tigers and Cong is the first of his Vietnam vet books that explores the emotional toll that every soldier paid during this conflict. The tale follows Wild back home as he struggles to find his new normal as a civilian. Now that the Vietnam War is part of our distant path, this memoir serves as a vital reminder to those who have moved past that moment in time and a wake up call for people facing the ravages of the Middle East conflicts.

The Struggle and Triumph of Survival

Wild Ramblings serves as the home of Ted Wild's thoughts, musings, and music. He hopes you will stop by and check out his performances on bass and guitar, or sing along with some old favorites. When the spirit strikes, he may add some verse to the blog or announce an upcoming author event. While his poetry may not always flow with soft words, they represent his pursuit of joy in the time that this life offers.

Experience the Vietnam War from a new perspective when you visit Wild Ramblings and connect with Ted Wild today.