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Touching Forever

is a book of poetry written mostly during the early isolating days of Covid. It is a random offering of poems from the lighthearted to the more somber. I hope it brings you a smile, a thought or pleasant recollection.

Inspired, encouraged and dedicated, as is so much else,

To Chris

Moon Clouds

Memories of the Moon

God forgets,

but the moon remembers.

 sky clad and ever changing.

Sharing memories

According to needs, beliefs, and hopes.

Not to be worshipped,

Not to be feared.

Never to be denied,

Heard in eternal silence.

Soft, wise, winsome.

  offering rest and wonder

darkly glowing,

Gently defining beauty

In solemn night skies.


He wore his mortality

Like an old coat,

Worn, lining showing through

Mended in places,

Hole in one pocket

Where he no could no longer keep his dreams.

Cold in the winter

Damp in the rain

comfortably worn


And far from stylish.

Until it was beyond mending.

And discarded in a dank alley dumpster.

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