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Vietnam Memoir

Explore Our Hidden Past with Books about Vietnam

Uncover the unpopular war of the 60's and 70's when you dive into books about Vietnam by Theodore Wild. Ted served during the 1960's just after he got out of high school. The ravages of war exploded through his innocent perception of the world and forever altered his life. His website Wild Ramblings is a repository for all of his creative endeavors including his books, music, and blog, so you can stay up to speed with him as an author and artist. See how a young man perceived the jungles, Viet Cong, and the army without a filter provided by history buffs or Hollywood.

A Vietnam Memoir from the Rank and File

Many soldiers only speak of the here and now when serving on the front. Wild brings his reader into that present by avoiding the traditional storybook path with a beginning and end. Instead, you explore his Vietnam memoir through short snap shots of people, places, and moments. His expansive vocabulary gives voice to terror, laughter, searing sorrow, and utter disassociation as the young men begin to return to normal society.

Tales that Rip Open Old Wounds and Expose the Forgotten Tale

Now that we approach the 50 year mark on this conflict, many readers will have no first hand knowledge or experience of that divisive moment in American history. Lions and Tigers and Cong delivers the younger reader into a time and place that has never been defined by Americans as society struggles to omit the political bombshell from our daily life. Wild unapologetically rips the Band-Aid off the wound and places a spotlight for all to see, feel, and finally accept as part of our collective tale.

Connect with Ted Wild by visiting Wild Ramblings and click through for samples of poetry, music, and announcements.

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