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The Miller's Tale


Bright shining soul

 untarnished by knowledge

 untutored by sin 

 lurking in a frangible vessel

so prone to self destruction

it waits, assured of a destiny,

if not a time

Ted Wild


Its best to have young vision

To view the world with clear eyes.

Skin, resilient; heart, strong

Legs that refuse to tire:

And with time as available as air,

See the future in hope.

Youth, fecund, incubating adventure,

With a mad energy and grand illusion.

All that force

All that seething

Directed toward mismanaged good of mankind.

I tip my hat to such folly

Reluctant, as I fade from its pull,

Cloaked in the sagging skin of realism

As years pull your face down into your chin,

And, much like a fading sunset

You hope for a long breath-taking

Slow diminishing after-glow.

Jim Long

The Millers tail is of course stolen from early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer who included it in his Canterbury tales.

At 71 my personal belief system still evolves, but I choose to believe a man such as Don with his insight and deep love of poetry would have the option to become a muse after his transition.

 I listen for him each time I touch a keyboard. I often hear just laughter.

Safe journey amigo, your influence Is forever.

Ted Wild


To the memory of Don Miller, a friend and an inspiration.  He was the best of critics and at our wine poetry sessions, would understand our attempts 

Our sessions were usually the best part of the week.  We miss him deeply and would honor him by trying to follow the muse to some language art.

 Cheers, Jim Long

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