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Vietnam War Memoir

Vietnam Vet Stories that Share Your Tale

Did you survive the Vietnam War? How often have you watched a movie or read a book that simply missed the breadth of personal turmoil that you endured? Author Theodore Wild brings Vietnam vet stories to life in his memoir Lions and Tigers and Cong. Like you, he arrived in Nam as a teen who had never faced the devastation of war and violence at home. He builds strong relationships with his comrades and is nearly destroyed by what he sees and does as a soldier in the jungle. For readers that want to learn more about Wild and his writings, his website Wild Ramblings provides a wealth of links, music, and more.

A Vietnam War Memoir that Rekindles Hope and Sorrow

Wild understands that there is no true structure to the tale of each life. As such, his books, poetry, and blog follow no tale from the beginning to end. Rather, he highlights snapshots in time of particular people that leave a lingering impact on his world. His Vietnam war memoir does not adhere to a timeline. Instead, just like memories shared at the dining room table, he recalls the moments of laughter, rage, and terror in short snippets that collectively leave an impression with the reader.

Raw Stories of Real Soldiers Serving on the Line

How do you ever truly show the horror of war? Wild often leaves the structure of prose narrative behind and plunges into the world of poetry to deliver an emotion or experience in a more visceral manner. For those who have served on any line, they will connect with the sense of loss, gut response to trauma, and the blinders that soldiers often live with for years after returning from war.

Learn more about Ted Wild and his memoirs when you visit Wild Ramblings today.

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