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Vietnam War Books

Vietnam War Books to Tug at Your Heart

When you want the honest story of the Vietnam War without the polish of the media or the supersized special effects of Hollywood, come to Wild Ramblings and discover Vietnam War books ready to connect with your soul. Author Theodore Wild delivers a raw, introspective, and visceral memoir filled with poetry and blood. Serving on the front lines as a teen just out of high school, sees the jungle through his eyes refined by years of surviving post war trauma.

Books About War that Explore the Emotional and Physical Struggles of the Soldier

Look for Lions and Tigers and Cong on your local booksellers shelf or online and reinterpret your perception of books about war. Not every soldier's story has a beginning or an end, but rather a loosely connected collection of experiences between the numbing hours sitting in base. Wild conveys those people and emotions that lingered with him through the years and shares them with history buffs and fellow service men.

Exposing the Raw Experience with Insight and Humanity

No soldier goes into battle with a complete understanding of the social or political impact of their actions. Wild speaks of surviving the disease, heat, boredom, and insanity that came with a tour in Nam. Meet his comrades and catch a glimpse of their varied backgrounds and personal responses to their time in the jungle.

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