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Vietnam Veteran Memoir

Vietnam War Veteran Books that Deliver an Unfiltered Experience

You never get a raw and honest telling of a war when you read a textbook or historical study. Theodore Wild was there and brought you his Vietnam War veteran books filled with tales seen by him and his buddies. His website Wild Ramblings offers a central location where fans can interact with the author as he shares a variety of different media all focused on those life changing years. Catch all the latest reviews for Lions Tigers and Cong, explore his musical talent, and connect with the author.

A Vietnam Veteran Memoir without the Hollywood Treatment

Arriving in Nam at just 19 years old, Wild is thrown together with other young men from all walks of life. His Vietnam veteran memoir recalls their antics as they fight off boredom, each person's unique quirks, and the life threatening circumstances they faced together for the next two years. There are no happy endings, or life fulfilling personal realizations. Short vignettes provide the graphic snapshots of life in a war zone, blocking out the superfluous impressions that cinematic license often places focus.

Delving into Our Past with Fresh Eyes and a Literate Voice

Explore more of this often forgotten part of our history as you walk beside Wild through the jungles of Southeast Asia. He shares his poetry using words that elicit raw emotions and conjure disturbing images. Unapologetic in its honesty, readers turn the final page as an altered being. Look for more books, songs, poetry, and other creative thoughts from Wild when you check out the blog on Wild Ramblings.

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