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The Dance

A long relationship is so much like a dance, a dance with time. Rhythms are assimilated, moved to, each step growing more in tune with the music. Each partner sharing memories to create vistas of what was; what is yet to be.

Shared concerts, travels, meals, great and not so great. Friends much the same, the great, the terrible and the tolerable. Time calls the steps, and worn and wearied by time, we still dance. The steps might slow a bit. Yet become more intricate as you learn the others' moves.

But the music and the dance are totally your own, much as a childhood shared secret, a promise made under the moon, a belief that forever still lurks in your lovers eyes.

Time may frame a relationship, it can not dictate to it.

And so, picking my wife up today from the Hospital,

I found that simple act to be as timeless, as Romantic and as special as the first Kiss.

and in joy, the dance could continue.

Welcome home Baby

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