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I will, in honor of the coming season of witches, Spells, Covens candy and mercantile madness; allow myself a Pumpkin beer to be in tune with the coming season. I prefer hard Apple or Pear Cider, but can get down some Pumpkin Brew.

However, No coffee, creamers, Cream Cheese, Lattes, Teas, Smoothies, ice cream, Gelato, Granitas, sorbets, or any other Pumpkin concoctions. I did, at one time let Miner Frank buy me a Kale Smoothie. It was in a different state and it was on a dare, so I had to consume it. But enough!

These three critters live on our patio all year round and now have their month in the sun, So I thought I would share them.

Now the primary purpose of this post, is to honor Arts and artists here in Long Beach on September 24th.

Art is not about anything but itself, and in all forms it heals, inspires, vexes, consoles and offers insights other than one's own. Be well all, the Season of the Witch is on us.

Blessed Be.

Autumn appears,

gently at first.

Soft caresses,

Fey and timid, probing,

Searching, questing

Asking mute permission,

embracing the land,

Recalling deaths

Acknowledging births;

changes, in its absence.

A soft shimmer replaces summers glare.

Secret caverns, wooded places,

Hidden fens

Pockets of breezes birthed in the sea,

send tendrils, fogs, zephyrs.

Each more bold as the sun grows furtive,

Dims, wanes,

less demanding.

It comes in softness

never denied,

scented in ceremony,

celebrated by earth and sky

as always, It returns

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In spite of Covid, an inept tech guy, and all, The Miller's Tale is finally available on Amazon.

I will link it in to this website, but for now go to Amazon, type in The Miller's Tale, Ted Wild and it will come up. No Jim I did not forget you, but this links faster. Hey, next book, you be the tech guy.

Please check it out. E book version coming soon.

Here is a taste, a tease or a threat, pick your own definition.

Be well all, and offer a moment of silence and remembrance to our recently departed and magnificent Judge Ruth. She left the world better than the one she was born in to.

Pax Tecum.

just searching for a home

some place to call my own

to relax, to entertain

to find freedom of expression,

daffodils in the Spring

yellow hoods tooting and smiling

in the spring time sun,

a window to the world

in the house front

filters the harsh light

of bigotry and greed,

a place to simmer sauce

that aids digestion

smothers the blues at night.

Jim Long

October, so we went to the fog. to beaches of the Pacific. Walked in mists of autumn. Heard Soft, sibilant. whispers of coming storms October; so mercurial. with the black heart of a dancer, Childish heart of a killer Mute. poised, Dressed in riotous shades Shyly baring limbs for the stark season. October Cloaked in smoke, from colored leaves. Framed with corn stalks and pumpkins. The eternal wheel pivots,

changes gears, moves on. October, So we went to the fog.

Ted Wild

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so, yeah ,perhaps not a normal Garden bit of Décor, be assured, it is not a normal garden.

but the message is nice. Here is a bit of Poetry from Jim Long, and from the guy typing the Blog.


It’s been a day

And a night.

Did it truly go by so quickly?

It spent the night with me.

Memories, discussions, visions shared,

viewed from our own angle

Unique to each.

The past is at best

A meandering highway

Treacherous but enticing, blended so perfectly

so sweetly together.

the emotional fallout; the almost expected surprise.

until you are awakened in the middle of the night.

Wondering, conjuring,

Is visiting the past worth the price?

And yet, still I remain lured

Seduced by its glittering promise,

And enthralled in its soft power

Jim Long

Bright shining soul,

untarnished by knowledge.

Untutored by sin.

Lurking in a frangible vessel

so prone to self-destruction.

It waits, assured of a destiny,

if not a time.

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