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everybody all at once now ARGGGGGGG

So my friends, here we sit on the cusp of forever, a score plus one into the new century and snarling on a phone is still a method of getting things done. Five times since June our TV system has made me wish for the days of Rabbit Ears when you could put Beer Cans: Schlitz it seems, on them and get decent reception. Going to school in the Great White North,

Sunday Night Hockey on Canadian TV was a must see; but since it was in French, we would tune in the game on the radio,. It was seldom in Synch with play but it worked. yes I digress, I am permitted. I have achieved the required number of years.


it seems for $250 a month or more I could get a better TV experience, I mean really, in late 60's dollars, that was a ton of beer, and pretzels, and those horrible meat things in packages. So anyway, after an hour or so on a chat line, then hold for 45minutes to hear someone in broken English say that they had no idea of how to fix my issue, but if I upgraded it would all be better. I will, alas, never know. I did that once, but this time i used my right to veto.

I have changed providers, and now wait like a child on Christmas eve for the ill fitting gifts, the wrong team logo shirts and the under ware , so many pairs of sad white Boxers. Hoping that maybe there will be a Puppy, or an Air gun or perhaps even a TV that works as well as it did so many moons ago.

Wires, I still ,recall, Wires.AHHHHHH

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