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Friday, hey remember when that used to matter?

So, as most, a quiet day here at Ramblings Central.

as a Chef I always cringed at the joy of others at Friday. Long Busy night, followed by a long busy Saturday ,short staffed; with all the feigned sickness called in by staff. Then the joy of making Sunday Brunch look like something other than creative use of leftovers.

Finally I can now share on the joy of Friday with the enthusiasm of Robinson Crusoe.

it's Friday people, but with Covid prowling about, some of the passion of no longer dreading the weekend has fizzled. so be it. Down time is only down if you let it be.

and that is not in the big picture here.

So with a joyful photo that would make Little Miss Muffet smile. I'm

off into the shadows of a perfect evening.

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Enjoy your Friday!

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