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Golly! it's just for the fun of it.

The enjoyment of writing and recording music in a home studio is a recent gift to musicians.

Hey I'm old, started ,on Mono Reel to Reel.

Given all the toys, input , sounds, dubs, effects and all. It can be quite a learning curve: not to mention the ability to write, play and kinda sing.

I love the time i spend in this small space trying to make the sounds I produce match the sounds I hear in my head.

But I got a gift last night. an unknown one. We needed a quick background song for the Fabled Deputy Ted show.

Stealing, borrowing or paying tribute to Bobby Boris Picket, I did a version of The Monster Mash.

Two Guitars, Two Takes, a fun silly song.

got as much of a rush out of it as if I had spent weeks on the writing and production.

All about the fun Amigos, in writing: prose, poetry, music, that is your focus.

wow, still a rush.

go create!

and send me some results.

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