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I wasn't on the Boat,

Ok, it was ,or is, Columbus day, October 12th.

Now I am sure Columbus Ohio was not named after Old Chris, I'm sure he did not in fact sail down the Scioto, or the Olentangy River and mess with the several tribes of Mound Builders who lived in that area.

The correct term, and a Proper Term, now is Indigenous peoples day.

So many of the early reports on the American Hemisphere Inhabitants were skewed through years of European belief and acceptances on what was proper. Much of it, sadly based on accumulation of precocious metals, and scavenging of Souls that needed neither saving nor redeeming.

To see the civilizations raised in the new world puts an end to the beliefs that the inhabitants of this magical land were either mud or dust coated wretches who pursued beasts with sticks, and slept in dismal abodes.

Chris, you were a Hell of a sailor, and sadly, a befuddled pawn, betrayed at last by those who sent you. Do you deserve a day? I am not to say. But look what was here before you were.

Awesome is such a small word for what was raised from the land, and in so many places still stands.

Columbus Ohio, Home of a great bar, Flannagan's, where I have had more than a few beverages.


I might buy you a beer, but ya didn't discover anything new. Just misunderstood it.


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