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Need some sounds to take some of the madness away?

Very excited about some new features here. Our Poetry book, The Miller's Tale is now available to order direct. Some unique observations, thoughts and tributes to a friend.

A few poems will be posted on the website, and it just takes a click to order the book.. Another new element is Meditational music. EMDR.

Bilateral and EMDR music is meant to be listened to through head sets or ear buds. Most EMDR music fully pans from left to right. Some composers have taken their music and added a single percussion instrument or sound that pans left to right while the music plays in both speakers.

I began recording this music to help Chris through some difficult times during an illness. Give it a listen and see how if it takes you to a calmer, lighter place.

The world is what you make it, not how you find it.

Paint, sing, play, emote, dance, but make it yours.

and, please, Share.

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