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Stolen Joy

ok. Here it is. Simple, factual and a bit sad.

do you remember when you were last happy purchasing something you needed but did not really want to get. Talking TV here, cell phones, Lap tops, Computers, New car sound systems, can't call them radios anymore. Too simple. Two easy, two knobs, some

No my amigos, we have been seduced, enslaved ,and diminished buy trying to run like hell to maintain our positions. Everyone over sixty should be given a direct line to a teenager to decipher the daily task of communication on all levels.

The joy of unwrapping... uhhhh unboxing, has been stolen from us with the lengthy penance of a 90 degree learning curve. The new sled, the new bike, shiny assembled and ready to go has been dimmed into non existence by the seductive slave of Tech: more is better.

Sadly, we all, it seems must have communication at hand 24/7,but liking it is not something I choose. Convienent, once it is set up, yes, fun, not really, freeing, noooooo, slaves to a catchy tone, tune or beep, we forge our own chains, and gladly pay for them.

So, after spending the last few days synching a new Tablet to a phone and computer, I am perhaps ready to answer questions, perhaps. I may have arrived but the journey was far from fun.

Rock on AARP commandoes, more change is on the shrouded horizon. It started with that Damm Princess phone, and then the dreaded heavy and ominous, Brick.

Be well my friends, something is ringing or buzzing in here and I fear I must answer.

As the Deputy says,"ride safe"

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1 Comment

I am amazed you can sync tablet to phone to computer! It’s all beyond me...

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