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Wine Wisdom and Laughter, What's Better?

A Façade,

falling to pieces.

left leg seems to have gone hunting

right arm sings soft melodies,

hair, on a detour years ago.

Teeth, dark from Coffee, blueberries

and blessed Red Wine.

The garden demands its tithe

follicles and scraps of skin

scattered among the roses

from unguarded flesh, and

frequent intimacy with thorns.

Band-Aids mark skirmishes

where the thorns took their share.

The skin, thinner now

caressed and seduced by a punishing sun.

freckles, bumps, scrapes,

proliferate on once pristine arms.

there is no doubt,

the earth is calling me home.

by Jim Long


Three breaths ahead of the pain

I etched words

On the back of the cross.


that the tawdry show up front

Would obscure the message.

And so

On Golgotha, with a view of forever

The myth was created,

And dreams thwarted

By well meaning


Ted Wild

The long awaited Book has finally become reality.. Covid put the brakes on for a bit, but our tribute to Don Miller, will be available from Lulu press next week.

Here are two of the Poems in the book. Enjoy, sip a glass of vino and listen for Don's laughter as he critiques our efforts.

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