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So, really, when does the Christmas tree come down?

Well it was written in stone when I was a kid, or maybe in snow. It stayed out until the Magi guys showed up. No matter if it was as bare as a tumbleweed, a brown fire hazard festooned with huge light bulbs, it stayed until January 6. So was it written, so was it done.

finally on that proper day, it was hauled across the rug ,shedding like an English Sheepdog to be deposited in the alley for pickup. This was never done with out my father and neighbors talking about the good old days when they made a huge pile of trees and torched them. Such is history, sweeter than fact and exact as remembered.

I want to share my end of season moment. My tree is small, artificial, quite realistic, and as I sit here next to the pool on a mild 70's day in January, I wish I had someone to tell the tall tales to: of the trees which dwarfed the house, the burning which took three days and melted the ice and snow almost clear to the Canadian boarder.

but, this will have to suffice. I hope your Yule was a good one, and now I feel strongly compelled to have an adult beverage, and continue to rejoice



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Very excited about some new features here. Our Poetry book, The Miller's Tale is now available to order direct. Some unique observations, thoughts and tributes to a friend.

A few poems will be posted on the website, and it just takes a click to order the book.. Another new element is Meditational music. EMDR.

Bilateral and EMDR music is meant to be listened to through head sets or ear buds. Most EMDR music fully pans from left to right. Some composers have taken their music and added a single percussion instrument or sound that pans left to right while the music plays in both speakers.

I began recording this music to help Chris through some difficult times during an illness. Give it a listen and see how if it takes you to a calmer, lighter place.

The world is what you make it, not how you find it.

Paint, sing, play, emote, dance, but make it yours.

and, please, Share.

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Ok, it was ,or is, Columbus day, October 12th.

Now I am sure Columbus Ohio was not named after Old Chris, I'm sure he did not in fact sail down the Scioto, or the Olentangy River and mess with the several tribes of Mound Builders who lived in that area.

The correct term, and a Proper Term, now is Indigenous peoples day.

So many of the early reports on the American Hemisphere Inhabitants were skewed through years of European belief and acceptances on what was proper. Much of it, sadly based on accumulation of precocious metals, and scavenging of Souls that needed neither saving nor redeeming.

To see the civilizations raised in the new world puts an end to the beliefs that the inhabitants of this magical land were either mud or dust coated wretches who pursued beasts with sticks, and slept in dismal abodes.

Chris, you were a Hell of a sailor, and sadly, a befuddled pawn, betrayed at last by those who sent you. Do you deserve a day? I am not to say. But look what was here before you were.

Awesome is such a small word for what was raised from the land, and in so many places still stands.

Columbus Ohio, Home of a great bar, Flannagan's, where I have had more than a few beverages.


I might buy you a beer, but ya didn't discover anything new. Just misunderstood it.


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